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Psychotherapist    •    Somatic Practitioner   •   Meditation Teacher  

Heartfelt, long term commitment to my own growth, both personal and professional. I am as dedicated to my own self-awareness as I am to the understanding of you - your life's story, your present experiences, your body/mind wisdom. 


My style and uniqueness as a therapist works an "outside the conventional box" approach. I’ve always been drawn to highly effectual, cutting edge approaches that have roots in ancient body/mind healing traditions which science is “now discovering” and enhancing with neuroscientific research discoveries on how the brain and body work.

Somatic Experiencing, Trauma therapy, Somatic psychotherapy, Durango therapist, body/mond psychotherapy, anxiety, couples therapist, Hakomi


Real Transformation. I’m offering you deep transformational work that’s embodied. It is possible to move forward in life, better your relationships, and gain choice in the habits and patterns that keep you stuck. In working with me you’ll discover a safe, gentle way to heal your past in the present.


I will teach you how to become present to your body and your mind in a way that allows you to move out of states of overwhelm, activation, stuck-ness, helplessness into a true sense of empowerment that supports a greater, more whole, more vital version of you.  

Riverside Bldg • 128 W. 14Th Street, Ste B-7 • Durango, CO

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