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Somatic Therapy    •    Trauma informed Psychotherapist    •   Meditation Teacher  

I have a deep and enduring commitment to my personal and professional development, which is driven by my genuine passion to grow and serve others. My dedication extends equally to you -- to understanding your intricate narrative, the challenges you are currently facing, and to how you experience being you, moment to moment, in our sessions.


As a therapist I take an "outside the conventional box" approach to how I practice. In addition to my conventional training, I am extensively trained in powerful approaches that have roots in ancient body/mind healing traditions. Neuroscientific research is “now discovering” and validating many of these approaches, with researchers making new discoveries on how the brain and body function and how in Psychotherapy we can't simply "think our way to better."

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Real Transformation. I’m offering you deep transformational work that’s embodied. It is possible to move forward in life, better your relationships, and gain choice in the habits and patterns that keep you stuck. In working with me you’ll discover a safe, gentle way to heal your past in the present.


I will teach you how to become present to your body and your mind in a way that allows you to move out of states of overwhelm, activation, stuck-ness, helplessness into a true sense of empowerment that supports a greater, more whole, more vital version of you.  

Riverside Bldg • 128 W. 14Th Street, Ste B-7 • Durango, CO

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