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Somatic Therapy Trauma Therapy

Enjoy living again.

When all your current ways of coping with life have fallen short,
I can help you find the path to a more resilient & happier you. 




We are taught :

Life isn’t always easy.

We all experience ups and downs in life. None of us are immune to suffering. Hopefully you've been blessed with many loved ones and good time to help modulate the heartbreaks and terrible times and experiences. And if not - you're not alone.

Right now, life has never been harder.

The pandemic, rising inflation, being bombarded by the media with war, mass shootings, uncertainty, global warming, natural disasters, crime, corruption.


And the internal struggles of anxiety, depression, isolation, grief, ambiguous loss, heartbreak, insomnia, lack of purpose, feeling disconnected, hopeless, or helpless. 

And you're unsure how to get unstuck and move things forward.

Maybe you've tried therapy before, with mixed results. Not sure how to decide who and what approach is best for you. You know you're "not broken" yet also know you need some help. It's time to reach out and get the help and support you need and deserve.

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Bright Gradient


With my skillful guidance and support, we can ease your burden and bring you back to feeling like your best self again.


The moment you decide to reach out…is the moment you begin to change.

How it works
Somatic Experiencing, Trauma therapy, Somatic therapy, EMDR, body/mind psychotherapy, anxiety, couples therapist, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing

Get started in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 : Schedule a free phone consultation.

Step 2 : We'll talk about how you want your life to change and how I can help.

Step 3 : If it feels right to you, we'll schedule our first session together and start you on the road to empowerment and wholeness.

Take the first step to creating the life you want.


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In individual sessions we will work together and address the symptoms of what had you coming to therapy. You will gain insight into what's under those symptoms, discover how to heal emotional wounds, release trauma, and learn ways to live in a more resilient and empowered way.

I can teach you how to transform your challenging relationship patterns with clear communication, real connection, and empathetic understanding. Feel close with one another and express more openly. Move past the relational ruts and stuck places to re-discover your capacity to love, play, and thrive together.

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Learn to slow down and access your the natural stillness within. An intelligently curated meditation practice can be a powerful antidote to the impacts that the speed, demands, and uncertainties of our modern world lay upon us. Guided meditation apps will only take things so far, cultivating a deeper more powerful practice will bring the stillness most seek.

I offer trainings in group settings where you can develop your E.Q., strengthen your relational skills, and discover how your felt sense body signals drive behavior and perception. Classes on group dynamics, authentic relating, and the right use of power are on the menu.

My approach goes beyond traditional talk therapy...

With over two decades of dedicated professional experience in somatic therapy, I specialize in a true body-mind approach to your health and well being. Together we can unravel the complexities of your situation and I will give you the tools and guidance to foster inner resilience and triumph over fear. Your therapeutic journey can pave the way for a more complete and contented version of yourself, propelling you forward towards a life of fulfillment and peace.

Aaron Thomas C.H.T., Somatic Therapy, Trauma Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, PTSD therapy, therapist Durango

I offer a therapeutic relationship where I will take the role of educator, therapist, and guide, all in service of you accessing real transformation in your life.

Learn more about my work in a podcast episode I was featured in :

Psychotherapist   •   Somatic Practitioner  •  Meditation Teacher  •  Group Facilitator

Maxine Gower, CA

I have known Aaron for some years. He is a very talented therapist: insightful, deeply attuned, knowledgeable and intuitive. I highly recommend Aaron for Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing therapies. - Maxine Gower - Clinical Social Worker; Psychoanalyst

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”    - Carl Jung          

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SoulRide Psychotherapy

You deserve to be whole and empowered to live the life you truly want.

Find relief in deciding to move forward.


 128 W. 14Th Street, Ste B-7
 Durango,  CO 80301



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