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Hi I'm Aaron

Heartfelt, long term commitment to my own growth, both personal and professional. I am as dedicated to my own self-awareness as I am to the understanding of you - your life's story, your moment to moment experiences, your body/mind wisdom.

My style and uniqueness as a therapist expresses as an "outside the conventional box" approach. I have organized my life around following my bliss, and I have moved through the obsticals that were once in the way of living the life I want. Guiding others to discovering how to live fully and on purpose is how I serve.

Decades of Evolution

Bodywork, Yoga, Meditation, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing all contain one obvious thing - healing through body.  My journey started in 1996 by becoming a bodyworker -breaking up the terra firma of the body - the hardness and desensitization…loosening the body up a little bit…getting a little more conscious, a little more responsive - where the body becomes a vehicle…plowed, opened up, so some seeds can be planted, things can start to grow.  Then adding conscious movement and breath with becoming a Yoga teacher in 1998. And after practicing meditation for 11 years, deciding to guide people into the more subtle work of taming the mind, cleaning up the mind with mindfulness. and from there discovering the elegantly simple (and yet very complex) methods of body oriented psychology and trauma healing.  Using the Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing methods, I teach and guide people how to heal their traumatic experiences through their own innate, instinctual physiological intelligence. My evolving professional journey has always been in service of you being able to truly live and navigate the ups and downs of life with resiliency and empowerment. This is my life's work.

Overlapping Triangles


Real Transformation. I’m offering you deep transformational work that’s embodied.  ( It’s not just intellectual.) It is possible to move forward in life, better your relationships, and gain choice in the habits and patterns that keep you stuck. In working with me, I'll ally with you and help you unravel some of the deeper limitations in your life.


I will teach you how to become present in a way that allows you to use some powerful tools to bring what unconscious parts of you are currently running your life into your awareness. I'll then teach and guide you how to work with those parts in such a way that supports a happier, more resilient, more empowered version of you.

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