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A journey to more satisfying relationships.

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Discover the tools to create the relationships you've always wanted.

Join us for a powerful and explorative 6-week dive into the vital aspects of relating necessary for wholesomeness and satisfying connection in your relationships. 

This 6 week course will give you the tools to create more secure and satisfying connection in your relationships with others. We will explore how to move out of "two heads talking" and discover what it is like to allow our moment-to-moment whole self experiencing to enter into to the relational space. The shift of allowing our "below the neck" experiencing into our relating is an often overlooked element in how we relate. When we include our felt-sense experiencing in how we relate to others, we experience a more authentic and alive connection with ourselves and others. In this  journey you will discover what has been an important missing piece in us being satisfied your relational experiences.

Couples as well as individuals are welcome. No previous experience is necessary. You can contact an Aaron or an Erin to find out more.

Six Thursdays, 6-8:30pm

June 8 - July 20

Durango, CO



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Aaron Thomas C.H.T. is a Psychotherapist with 25 years of experience working in the field of body-mind healing. He specializes in a mindfulness based,  body-centered approach to psychotherapy and treating trauma. Aaron has been teaching mindfulness meditation and relationships building skills since 2013.

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Erin Brandt, she/her, has a Postgraduate Degree in Forensic Sexology, 15+ years facilitating sex education for youth and adults. Erin brings an enthusiasm and openness about the topic that makes her fun and approachable.

Contact Aaron at : 970.404.3030

Contact Erin at : 970.769.3741

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